Frequently Asked Questions


Everything I do as a certified and insured dog massage and reiki energy practitioner is designed to support the overall wellness of your dog.

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What Is pet massage?

Pet massage is an alternative therapy intended to enhance your dog’s overall wellness. It’s not meant to replace regular veterinary care or treatment for a variety of conditions, but it can assist in the healing process or provide comfort to your pet.

Dog massage can be used after injury, illness, or surgery. It’s also helpful for older dogs. And owners who have anxious dogs have also found that massage can relieve stress and calmer responses to stimuli.

What Should I expect?

Our first meeting will include intake questions to help assess your dog’s needs. We will discuss their medical history, your goals, and have the first massage and reiki session. In this meeting, you can observe how I interact with your dog and how they respond to the experience. It’s not uncommon for dogs to be shy or apprehensive at first. And some dogs respond better with shorter massage intervals with breaks.

There may also be a time when your dog is having an off day or is otherwise unable to focus or settle down for the massage. If this happens, I’ll be happy to reschedule the appointment. If your dog is unable to find comfort in massage, we’ll recommend alternative treatment.

You will always be welcome in the room during the massage sessions.

What if my dog won’t cooperate?

Part of my process is to seek permission from your dog and gain their confidence. Before beginning each session, I will reestablish this trust.

While humans will generally be still on a massage table, Dogs don’t always stay in one spot. I can adapt to their boundaries and comfort levels which will only increase the trust factor. As they become more comfortable with my touch, I will be able to perform deeper work.

You may notice more apprehension in the first several sessions but they’ll relax more and even look forward to visits as they experience the relaxation and physical benefits of massage.

What results will I see after a session?

You may begin to see noticeable results after only once session. But for some dogs, it may take a little longer. There is evidence that dogs receiving massage sleep and eat better. Older dogs may be more active and generally comfortable. For dogs experiencing anxiety, you may notice more relaxed behaviors.

Isn’t it enough that I pet my dog?

Petting your dog doesn’t just benefit the dog, it also benefits you. Petting enhances your bond with your animal companion and can relieve stress for both of you. Massage is a specialized form of touch utilizing movements and pressures designed for specific results. I am a trained, certified, and insured practitioner who can provide this kind of experience for your dog.

Do you work on service dogs?

Yes! Dogs with a job work hard and deserve some pampering. I offer discounted rates to any service dog. Contact me for more details.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is roughly translated from the Japanese as “universal life energy.” It’s a holistic energy healing tradition based on Japanese practice that’s intended to be gentle and non-invasive. Reiki is the manipulation of healing energy to remove blockages that stem from physical, mental or emotional discomfort in the body. 

When used in conjunction with dog massage, it’s a helpful tool for massage practitioners and increases your dog’s flow of natural healing energy.

How do I prepare my pet for a massage?

Before massage sessions, make sure your dog is hydrated and it’s been at least 30 minutes since their last meal. You should also take them out for a bathroom break prior to the session. Your dog and I require a quiet, comfortable space for the massage that will be free of other pets, distractions, sounds, or scents.

when and how often should my dog get a massage?

All animals are different and they’ll have their own conditions and circumstances when it comes to the frequency of sessions. Our initial meeting along with continued massage sessions will give us more insight to determine an appropriate schedule.

Pets with chronic pain or mobility issues may benefit from weekly or even twice weekly sessions. A healthy dog may only need a session once or twice a month. I will work with you to customize a massage plan that matches your dog’s physical and emotional needs.

what are the benefits of reiki for my pet?

Reiki energy work brings a deep relaxation response which allows the body to release energetic blockages. This release of energy can help speed recovery from surgery, illness, or injury. It can help with stress, anxiety, depression, or aggression. It can help with behavioral issues.

When done in conjunction with massage, Reiki can provide a more holistic approach to overall health and wellness.

how can I justify the cost?

I hope that you will find my rates reasonable to provide safe and non-invasive comfort and relief to your best friend. In some cases, massage can improve the overall quality of your dog’s health and wellness which may decrease the need for other treatments, when done in conjunction with veterinary care. Many vets do recommend massage as a way to enhance the wellbeing of your dogs and the cost should be only a fraction of your decision process.

where are you located?

My Pet Massage and Reiki Energy practice is based in Ferndale, but all of my visits are done in the comfort of your home. If you want dog massage in Ferndale, Royal Oak, Oak Park, Warren or nearby, contact me today. 

Do you massage cats?

Not at this time.