Professional & Certified Pet Massage & Reiki Energy

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I’m Jill with Radiant Paws Pet Massage. Everything I do as a certified and insured dog massage and reiki energy practitioner is designed to support the overall wellness of your dog. Dog massage is a gentle and non-invasive practice that can promote health and wellness in conjunction with regular veterinary care.

Do you want to help your pet feel the best they can? Are you concerned about your pet? Do they suffer from reduced mobility or chronic conditions? Do they exhibit undesirable behaviors due to nervousness or anxiety? If left unaddressed, these problems can add unnecessary stress to your whole family. Or maybe you have an older dog who’s lost a little spring in their step. All of this can be supported, along with regular veterinary care, by pet massage and reiki energy work.

Radiant Paws provides dog massage in your own home and works with you to customize a plan that will work for your dog’s specific needs.


My Services

I am certified in Pet Massage and Reiki Energy and offer both services for your pets.

My Pet Massage and Reiki Energy practice is based in Ferndale, MI, but all of my visits are done in the comfort of your home. If you would like a dog massage in Ferndale or nearby, contact me today.   

What Is Pet Massage?

Pet massage is an alternative therapy intended to enhance your dog’s overall wellness. It’s not meant to replace regular veterinary care or treatment for a variety of conditions, but it can assist in the healing process or provide comfort to your pet.

Dog massage can be used after injury, illness, or surgery. It’s also helpful for older dogs. And owners who have anxious dogs have also found that massage can relieve stress and calmer responses to stimuli.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is roughly translated from the Japanese as “universal life energy.” It’s a holistic energy healing tradition based on Japanese practice that’s intended to be gentle and non-invasive. Reiki is the manipulation of healing energy to remove blockages that stem from physical, mental or emotional discomfort in the body. 

When used in conjunction with dog massage, it’s a helpful tool for massage practitioners and increases your dog’s flow of natural healing energy.

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A canine massage practitioner can’t diagnosis or treat medical conditions, but regular therapy can help you stay on top of new physical developments or emotional responses and seek veterinary care faster.


There are many reasons you might choose massage for your dog

Your dog is your best friend. They may even be your child. In whatever way you’ve integrated your dog into your family, they deserve the very best. Pet massage is an alternative practice that can enhance your dog’s overall wellness.

Benefits Include:

  • Pamper your pet with relaxation

  • Manage their pain

  • Help accelerate healing from injury or surgery

  • Increase their range of motion

  • Ease the body’s natural aging process

  • Support their emotional wellbeing

  • Build trust with you and your family

  • Encourage healthy social behaviors

  • Reduce anxiety from outside factors


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What Dogs Benefit From A Massage?

Older pets, pets recovering from recent or past injury, illness, or surgery, and pets who have to be confined for a period of time can all benefit from the practice of dog massage and energy work. Massage is also great for dogs who experience anxiety or distress either at home or in situations such as vet visits, grooming appointments, travel, or boarding. Even the dog show and agility competition professionals recognize the benefits of dog massage.